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The Swiss Designer-label STAUFFER of Switzerland produced an innovative shoe, to add between 2-4 inches height to man-kind (Elevatorshoes, Increasingshoes) without any visible indication. The LIFTshoe provides an increase in comfort and improves the body posture by guiding the shoulders back and therefore gently forcing a straight and upright body position resulting in less back strain. The insoles have the ability to adjust to your foot, after a short walk-in period.

The Liftshoe is a hand made, quality product assuring you comfort as well as fashion sense. Business or Leisure, the LIFTshoe accompanies you in any situation. Each order will be carefully executed, regarding your very personal wishes and requests. Choose between models, color, size and insole. Should you want to personalize your order, we can do so by placing your name into the leather or have a plaque added.

Our Manufacturer combines the old traditions of shoe making with the art and high-end quality as well as time less fashion.
The result is a masterpiece made out of  Leather-Men’s shoe- made by hand. Each LIFTshoe is named by a Swiss city name. Select between the urban “Chavornay” , the upscale “Eiken” or the casual “Amden”. Order your individual LIFTshoe-Your shoe which makes you taller, improving your confidents and your posture.

Men who want to be taller should give Height Increased Shoes a trial, they will not be disappointed. Our Height Increased shoes are truly beautiful, with superlative upper leathers. The bespoke look and hard wearing qualities make them well worth the price.
Wearing our height increasing shoes, will most certainly make you feel great especially when out in the public eye . Our elevator shoes are a tonic for men, and they are worn by various men all over the globe, even those above the normal height.

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